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    The world needs 3D or even better…

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    Life is all about evolving, and everything around us evolves and becomes better than the previous version. If you look at the history of architecture, the industry has evolved and become more powerful and stupendous in many ways.

    One of the evolution is the presentation techniques, first there was 2D drawings like figure of a whole structure printed or drawn on a piece of paper, then we had computers and with them came software to build the soft version, and then it moved on to 3D designs and models.

    But in all this, something fundamental was missing, and that was the realism, 3D models are not enough to make a realistic model of any structure, we’re taking it to the next level with photo-realistic images.

    2D diagrams, figures and even 3D models have their limits, they are repetitive and follow a pattern, when presenting a project a developer cannot imply much of his imagination in it which is the biggest drawback. Photorealism opens the window to limitless possibilities with vivid imagination of the architect.

    Why do you need it?

    For instance, put yourself in the shoes of a customer, what would you like to see? Of course you would like to see a 2D/3D blueprint of the project you’d be buying, but if you could see your project all finished up before even it got started, it would cheer you up, wouldn’t it?

    Also if you show the person what you’ll be making, his appeal for the product will increase and he will be more into it. And not to mention, photorealism is the future, if you’ll walk with it, you’ll find yourself ahead of others.

    Simply put,

    2D drawings < 3D Models < Photo-realistic Images (even better…)

    Pros and Cons of photorealism


    Realistic representation (which increases the client’s trust in your project.)

    Detailed view of elements with color-compositions used in such way that it represents real life object.

    Your client would be easily be able to point out what’s missing or what should be missing without having any problem with understanding the blueprint’s little aspects (which they’ll like because everyone likes to hide their weaknesses.)


    If your photo-realistic image represents things that are way too more dramatic, and extra-extraordinary, it may lead the client to believe that you could make the exact replica, but in practice it is not possible, so when you order for a drawing to be made photo-realistic, make sure they feel real.


    This is the era of advertisement; it is how you present your product before the world, and in an architect’s case the clients. It is really important that you offer the best, and what can we say, the world needs 3D or even better…

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