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    We Are Professionnal

    3D Visual is a Melbourne-based Australian company specialising in designing and creating stunning 3D images to visualise your residential, commercial and other major projects. We are highly customer focused and our team will always thrive on achieving the very best results through meticulous care and cutting-edge flair.

    Our team of artists have a combined 28 years of CG industry experience and additionally we are passionate about property development ourselves.

    Our Clients Love Us

    I approached 3D Visual because I needed some 3D visualization done for my project.  3D Visual’s professional team helped me a lot in terms of planning the project, communicating simultaneously to achieve the best possible outcome and even budgeting my project cost.  The result was absolutely fantastic.  One thing I liked was their approachable business character and outstanding customer-focused service level.  I found the experience very pleasant and rewarding, and I would definitely recommend 3D Visual to people who need similar job done.

    Nathan T., Developer

    I came across 3D Visual when I was obtaining quotes for my client’s project.  I was firstly stunned by 3D Visual’s breathtaking website and the portfolio they have.  After getting in contact with the team, I was truly impressed with their approachable and professional customer service team.  One thing I really like about 3D Visual is they can always tailor their design to suit your business need.  Being an engineer myself, I know how important that is for any project.  And because they have worked for a variety of clients across the industry, the first hand knowledge really comes in handy when planning the design and towards yours project in general.  I am really happy with 3D Visual, and I would highly recommend 3D Visual to all my clients.

    Kevin L., Director & Structural Engineer , KNK Consulting Pty Ltd

    When you have purchased a piece of land and planning for your next big property investment project, the first question that came to your mind is how am I going to impress my future buyers.  I firstly met 3D Visual through a friend of mine who had just completed his apartment project.  I was really impressed with his 3D visualization images and wondering who is the design company.  I then got in touch with 3D Visual’s marketing team and explained what I wanted my 3D visualization images to achieve.  The response email came back to me in less than 30 minutes and the price was highly competitive.  First version draft was delivered on time and there were a few things I was not happy with.  After communicating my concerns with the customer service team, the second version draft was delivered just to my expectation.

    3D Visual listens to customers and looks for resources to achieve only the best possible result.  They build trust relationships with customers and thrive on 100% when it comes to customer satisfaction.  That’s a business attitude I truly appreciate, and of course the quality of work is exceptional!

    Chris L., Director , R&R Bros Pty Ltd

    I found out about 3D Visual on the Internet as I was looking for 3D visualization service for my project.  I was not going to use their service, as they seem to be a bit posh for my small project.  But it turned the quote is quite affordable and I decided to give it a go.  The customer service team is extremely patient and professional, after rounds of meetings and communication I was pleasantly surprised with the work they deliver.

    3D Visual is highly approachable, no matter what you need they are always a phone call or email away.  Just like how 3D Visual present themselves on the website – They are passionate about what they do!  The quality is exceptional! And of course they are also affordable!  I would recommend 3D Visual to all my business partners and friends because they are worth it!

    Ray C., Developer