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    1. What type of files do you require?

    We prefer files such as DWG, Revit 3D, 3DS, FBX. But we can use PDF.

    2. How long will it take?

    It generally takes 3 days for the first draft to be viewed. Larger projects may take longer. Please discuss the turnaround in detail with our friendly customer team when placing an order.

    3. What is the deposit?

    50% of the accepted quotation is paid upfront.

    50% further is paid upon completion and when the work is to your satisfaction.

    4. What other information do I need to provide?

    • Angles

          The angle at which an exterior or interior is viewed is extremely important to maximize the buyers appeal.

          We would love to help you to select the best angle with the model before proceeding with rendering, to save you money and time.

    • Colours

         We will need to know the background colour and theme colour before proceeding.

    • Material

          Floors, tiles, kitchen styling.

    General information on streetscape and landscape.

    5. What files will I receive?

    JPEG @ 1920 x 1080 (16:9) for online product review.

    JPEG @ 4960 x 3508 300dpi or approximately full A3 size.

    6. What is the typical process with an order?

    Step 1. Quotation

    We will respond to your email enquiries within 24 hours with our quotation.

    Upon your acceptance of quotation we will ask for a deposit and your permission to commence working on your project immediately.

    Step 2. Design

    We will create a 3D model from a few different angles for your viewing. We will help you to choose the best angle to maximize the appeal of your development.

    Step 3. Discussion

    We will discuss all the details of the project with you at this stage, including day or night lighting conditions, final colour selections, floor coverings, furniture style, landscaping, etc.

    Step 4. Delivery

    We will deliver your high quality final product for your review. We will discuss with you if there is anything else that you may require for your project such as additional views, or your next project.

    7. What is the Exterior process with an order?

    Please download to see the process: The 3DVisual Process Exterior

    8. What is the Interior process with an order?

    Please download to see the process: The 3DVisual Process Interior